BlackBerry Pearl 9110 – First Images Leaked

First specs and images that were leaked of the upcoming Blackberry Pearl 9110 Formerly knows as Striker, Take a look at its first images.

Blackberry in on a roll because first, all the hype for the Blackberry Storm 2 and now the BlackBerry Pearl 9110 has been sighted. The Blackberry Pearl has another name before it was changed it has the name ,” Striker“. You are not going to find a QWERTY Keyborad here instead int he Blackberry Pearl 9110 you will discover it has a super-click SureType design.

Unfortunately there is not a lot of info on the Blackberry Pearl 9110 just yet since it is still soon but we can tell you that it is is a 3G device and that hopefully you won’t have to use it low light conditions since it only features¬† a single LED Flash. I know there are a lot of things to know, The camera quality, talk and standby hours,hopefully we will get the full specs soon. In the mean time all we can do is just admire the pics and just hope that is it going to feature all the things that we would like it to feature.

Via Crackberry

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