Blackberry Playbook Users Reporting Problems with New Update

With the most recent update for the Blackberry Playbook, a problem that results in a decreased battery life.

You would think that with an update things would get better but unfortunately that is not the case with the Blackberry Playbook. There are many good things about the Playbook an done of them is that RIM has said that they plan to offer updates early and often but this recent update has cause Playbook owners to complain that the battery life of the tablet is not what it once was.

Looks like owners had to trade in its battery life for expanded BlackBerry Bridge apps and video chat, but RIM has said that the reason for the low battery life could be that the apps run in the background and until a user taps through and accepts any license agreements. Anothersuggestion by RIM by users that have gone through this problem is that they condition their battery — by letting the device deplete its charge and then fully re-charging it several times.

Another place to look in in the Playbook’s general settings because if the app behavior is set to showcase, that is going to keep the app running in an active state, and that will of course affect your battery life. It is nothing official but a few have commented that with a bigger internal, results in a longer battery life, Hmmmm.

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