Blackberry Sold

Looks like the special committee found a buy and it is  a consortium led by the biggest shareholder it has, Faifax Financial, a Canadian insurance company.

Looks like there is some good news for Blackberry since they have finally found something they have been looking for, a buyer. That buyer is their biggest shreholder FairFax Financial and for US$9 a share, they will buy Blacckberry for $4.7 billion dollars. This good news was announced along Apple´s good news about them selling 9 million iPhones and their stock rising 5%.  The deal is going to be made final on November 4th and hopefully with the date not being that far away, Blackberry will not fire all the employees they said they were going to fire.

Blackberry Vendido

Analysts have said that Blackberry need to go private if they have any chances of surviving and Blackberry´s buyer says that they can deliver immediate value to shareholder. But beside the good news of finally finding a buyer, looks like Blackberry is also selling 3 jets it only recently bought about 2 months ago. I don´t know what was going through their heads when they decided to buy the jets but it was obviously not a very smart purchase. Blackberry hopes that they can get at least 80 million dollars for the three jets but time will tell how much they get for them.

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