Blackberry To Fire 40% of All Its Employees

More bad news for Blackberry since there are reports that they might let go 40% of its employees.

Once again, Blackberry is making headlines but not for the right reasons. Before Blackberry announced their latest phablet but now the company is making headlines because there are reports that Blackberry is going to fire 40% of all its employees. The last time Blackberry had to fire a group of its employees, they were all from a specific department but if this turn out to be true, Blackberry will let go 40% of its employees, affecting all departments.

Bad News for Blackberry as they Lay Off 250 Employees

Blackberry is said to fire these employees by the end of the year and as a result, a lot of people Christmas is going to be affected.  According to rumors, no one is really interested in buying the company as a whole and there is a good but not for sure chance that Blackberry might be sold in parts. Blackberry has tried to form some type of alliance with a company but so far non have formed. I really hope I am wrong but I think that we may soon be seeing the end of Blackberry and if that day ever some, it is going to be a very sad day in the tech world.

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