Blackberry to Possibly Go On Sale

Looks like things are just not getting any better for Blackberry since they are even considering selling the company.

It´s official, Blackberry has created a committee  that will be in charge of exploring what they call strategic alternatives in order to increase value and scale in order to accelerate Blackberry 10 deployment. One of a few things that this new committee is going to be in charge of is taking into consideration the sale of the company and creating strategic partnerships or alliances with other companies.

The creation of the committee was not good news for everyone since Prem Watsa, Chariman and CEO of Fairfax Financial resigned since he felt it was the right thing to do due to potential conflicts that he may face during the process. What is Fairfax Financial? They just happen to be the largest Blackberry shareholder and they have no intention of selling its shares. Last year the company was focusing on releasing Blackberry 10 and BES 10 and creating a really strong financial status.Blackberry believes that now is the time to explore strategic alternatives and hopefully they will find what they are looking for.

When Blackberry10 was launched, it didn´t have the success the company was hoping for and it is even fallen behind Windows Phone since Blackberry has 2.9% and Windows Phone has 3.7 in recent IDC reports. For now we can only hope that Blackberry comes across some good luck has creates something that revolutionizes the tech industry but until it does it will not see better days.

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