Blackberry Z3 and the Blackberry Q20 Smartphones – MWC 2014

Blackberry fights to sty alive and will launch the Blackberry Z3 and the Q20.

Looks like Blackberry also had something to day at the MWC 2014 when they announced that they are going to be launching the Blackberry Q20 and the Z3 later this year. It has already been confirmed that he Z3 will be available in Indonesia in April of this year and it is going to have a price tag of less then $200. The blackberry with 3G will be available more widely and so far there is exact release date or possible price.

Blackberry Z3 and the Blackberry Q20 Smartphones - MWC 2014

The Blackbery Z3 features a 5 Inch display and it will running on Blackberry 10.2. We can´t forget about the Blackberry Q20 that features a Querty keyboard, If you lied the Q10, this is your update. Blackberry as also added the Back, Menu, End and Send buttons and the trackpad is going to be an integral part of the smartphones. User interface precise navigation, enabling fast,  and a natural workflow between apps and within them also wants to be added.

Blackberry also has plans to launch new high end devices but not much details on the subject were given. Wearable devices are not in Blackberry´s immediate future but the idea was not totally denied.

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