Breast Tissue Screening Bra – The Bra that Can Detect Breast Cancer

The fight against Cancer continues and there is a new weapon against the ugly disease called the Breast Tissue Screening Bra.

Cancer is such an awful disease and unfortunately thousands of women each year die from breast cancer but if the disease is caught early enough, it doesn’t have to be deadly. Women obviously get tested as often as the Dr. says she should but now there is going to be a bra that can actually detect any changes that might be leading to Cancer.

This smart bra features sensors that can measure small temperature changes as they occur. Just because the bra detects a temp change doesn’t mean Cancer, but they could be caused by the growth of blood vessels which signal the growth of tumors. The sensors will take note of the chronology of cell cycles and use a pattern recognition system combined with statistical analysis software to pinpoint tumors even before mammograms can detect them.

Breast Tissue Screening Bra - The Bra that Can Detect Breast Cancer

First Warning System has made sure that this bra detects what it is suppose to detect and they are running three clinical trials with over 650 participants so far, and the results look good. So you see how good this bra is, it was able to detect the beginning growth of tumors about six years before a mammogram could. So, you know how accurate the bra is, it has a 92.1 percent level of accuracy when it came to classifying them. The Breast Tissue Screening Bra has plans to be commercialized in Europe by next year and work on FDA approval in 2014.

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