Buddy Cup – Social Cup from Facebook and Budweiser

Budweiser and Facebook have come together and brought us the Buddy Cup, the cup that makes a new friend in every toast.

Budweiser Brazil and Facebook have presented the Buddy Cup. What it does is in the name since it main purpose is to bring two new friends together. For now the Buddy Cup has only been tested in Brazil  but hopefully it will make its worldwide debut soon. With Buddy Cup, all you have to do it tap the two Buddy cup´s together and the other persons become Facebook friends.

“The Buddy Cup brings together the in-bar experience with Facebook, the most used social media channel for our consumers,” Macchiavello told ABC News.


Manuel Rangel Macchiavello of Budweiser Brazil said that the Buddy cup features a “bump sensor” at the bottom along with a QR code, which works with a Budweiser app to synchronize with your Facebook account. When two people clink glasses, the friend request is sent from one to another. The Buddy Cup is only a prototype for now but there is a good chance that it will soon be leaving that phase. Looks like Brazil is the only country enjoying the Buddy Cup but hopefully that will change soon.

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