Canadian Samsung Store being Called an Apple Rip-Off

Samsung’s new Canadian Store sure looks like an Apple store and that has caused quite a commotion among Apple fans.

Looks like the phrase, “I want to be like Mike” has been changed to, “I want to be like Apple”. Looks like anything that remotely resembles anything Apple, causes quite a commotion and the new Samsung Store in Vancouver, Canada is not exception. Well, if you look at the picture there are a few things that scream put Apple, things such as the way the Samsung products are displayed and the dark blue uniforms that the Employees are wearing.

The blue uniforms have their explanation and it seems quite reasonable since Samsung’s logo is dark blue and if they would have chosen another color, it wouldn’t of been the same. This Samsung store is certainly not the only store and it will certainly not be the last to resemble an Apple store, so at the end it is really nothing to get all upset about since there are enough problems in everyone’s life to start worrying about something like this.

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