Carkoon – Child Car Seat Made out of Carbon Fiber

The Carkoon Child Car Seat is the car seat of the future that is made of out the same material F1 cars are.

Whenever there is a child involved, something like going to the market that is 4 blocks away can seem like quite the adventure and when our destination is close, there are cases of parents that do not use the child’s car seat. The authorities will never get tired of telling all parents that child car seats should always be used and one great option is the Carkoon. You just gotta love the name and you will certainly love the protection it has to offer.


With the Carkoon Child Car Seat, you will be happy to know that it features a side impact protection, an easy release handle, and an Emergency Beacon Transmitter that will alert authorities of the accident and also alert them that one of the victims of the crash is a baby. In order to take your baby out of the car in a more comfortable way the Carkoon seat is able to to moved sideways.


This child car seat is a great idea and it is on its way but not until 2013 but the price is known and it is going to set parents back about US$654. As soon as the seat is available we will let you know.

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