Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with these good looking cases.

If you bought or about to buy the great Samsung Galaxy Note 4, there is a good chance that the next thing on your list is a case for the phablet. You obviously want a case that will protect your Note 4, but one that will also make it look even better. One thing that we all have the tendency of doing, is dropping our phones and that is why we need one that will prevent the unthinkable.

The good news is that there are quite a few cases in order to protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4,  but not all of them combine goo taste and good protection. The following cases for the Galaxy Note 4, are the ones I think offer a great design and good protection.


#1 Ghostek Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Ghostek Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4


With an innovating design, the Ghostek case really gives your Galaxy Note 4 complete protection against those nasty drops. The case offers 4 layers of protection and also allows easy access to all the ports.


Ghostek Case for Galaxy Note 4


ghostek 4 Layers of protection


The case also offers a transparent layer of protection for the display that will in no way interfere with you using the phone. The case can be purchase pretty much on any online store, but if you want, you can always go to, and it can be your for less than $15.


#2 Spigen Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Spigen Case Note 4


This modern case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a more causal and sport look towards it. It feature the latest in technology for absorbing the impact of a drop and keep you Note 4 alive. The case really protects the phablets sensitive areas such as the edges.


Shockproof Note 4 case


If you are interested in the shock absorbing Note 4 case, it is available at and it can be all yours for US$29.  But, if you shop around you can find the case for $17.


#3 Cineyo Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Cineyo Case for Note 4


As you can see from the images, this case has a more rugged look to it, but will do well in protecting your Note 4. This Note 4 case also gives you access to all the ports your Note 4 has and you are definitely going to love the fact that it only has  US$10 price tag.


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