CatMoji – Social Network for Cat Lovers

If you still think that cats are better than dogs, you can let the world know by using CatMoji, The Facebook for Cats.

The questions, Are Cats better than Dogs?, is a question that may never get a answer since cat lover and dogs lovers will fight to the death for their favorite pet. If you happen to be a cat lover, you  may have already bombarded your Facebook account with pics of your cat but if you still have a lot to say about how great your cat is, you can do so in CatMoji. The Social Network for cats has a very colorful and attractive design but the downside is that you can only join if you receive or ask for an invitation. Hopefully in the future, one can sign in without the invitation.

By joining Catmoji, you will be able to do what any cat lover would do, Brag about how your cat is the best cat in the world. You can upload pictures and add a funny text on the side or if you want to show the world that trick you and your cat have been working so hard on. Other CatMoji users will be able to rate your pic and vote if it is cute or not, like in the image above. CatMoji also has its very own blog where users will receive any important notifications the blog need to communicate to its members.

On CatMoji your cat can also have followers and if you come across something interesting  you can re-share it with your followers or say meow by leaving a comment. You will also have a catfeed to look after where you can follow interesting users or subscribe to collections that you like. You can you keep yourself busy with Cat Badges since you have complete certain tasks in order to receive them, there a quite a few to work for. Enjoy!

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