Cell Phone G1 by Hello Kitty

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Hello Kitty just keeps on coming out with all kinds of stuff and now they are trying to amaze us with their Hello Kitty G1 Cell Phone. The color of the phone is of course a very bright pink that is the color Hello Kitty will sport until, who knows when. If you know of someone who might actually want a phone like this first make sure if the specs are to that person’s liking.

Specifications for The Hello Kitty G1 Cell Phone

The specs that you are going to find in the Hello Kitty G1 Cell Phone is a DVB-T/H chip that will allow you to keep in touch with your favorite TV shows. Good bye CCD and hello to the Casio Exilim Z-750 7,2mp and not leaving behind this cat’s logo, its bow that you will find on the top part of the phone. As you can see that there are no jaw dropping specs so with that in mind you would expect a decent price,right?

Price and Availability for the Hello Kitty G1 Cell Phone

You can get your hands on the Hello Kitty G1 Cell Phone now and it can be all your for the most ridiculous price of $500.00.

Hmmm..lets see the Hello Kitty Cell Phone or an iPhone? Why if life so hard???!!!!

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