CES 2014 – Yahoo Buys Aviate

To make our lives a little easier, Yahoo buys Aviate Android App.

Even though Yahoo has no hardware to present at CES 2014, that doesn´t mean that they don´t have anything to present. At the tech fair, Yahoo has announced that they have purchased the Android App Aviate. What this app does is that it reorganizes the users home screen and it does this in in connection with the time and demographic location. With this, you will always have apps you actually need at a certain point in time.

With this purchase, Yahoo hopes to gives its users a more personalized experience and the next time you walk into a gym, your smartphone is going to show you apps you actually need for your daily routine. In the case that you are getting into your car, you will see car based apps. Yahoo wants to reduce the amount of time people waste searching for an app.

The app is able to offer the user the apps it needs because it uses the devices GPS, accelerometer, WiFi, and other signals. Aviate is  private beta for now but Yahoo said that it would open it up to the first 25,000 people who sign up for it with a code.

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