Chaos to Get the Eagerly Anticipated iPad

Long lines and who knows what else is what people had to support in order to get their hands on their iPad.

Well the day we have all been waiting for has finally come, the iPad is finally on sale. We can all imagine what workers at the Apple Stores  had to put up  with everyone wanting to get their hands on the iPad. Long lines that stretched for a few blocks in the morning hours at Apple stores in New York and San Francisco but if  you want to see how devoted some people are to Apple, then how about we talk about Rey Gutierrez who besides having the Apple logo tattooed on his hand, waited outside the Apple Store since 4am until they opened.

Even though the lines were not as long for the iPad than for the iPhone, that could have a lot to do with the fact that a lot of people preferred having their iPad shipped since they know what was going to happen. There was no doubt that the iPad going to to be a best seller even the analysts knew that Apple would sell more than 300,000 iPads this weekend, but  did you know that most people have purchased the iPad not knowing what there are going to do with it exactly?

Some analysts had predicted the gadget would sell out on Saturday. Although there didn’t seem to be problems with supply at Apple stores, two Best Buy stores in the Washington, D.C., area didn’t have iPads in stock for sale when they opened.

Besides waiting in line long hours for people to get their iPads some people such as Prasad Thammineni were even capable of chasing down the UPS guy down the street in order to get his iPad. Looks like he was getting or was in shape for the big day.

I think we all remember when experts said that they thought that the iPad was going to sell 200,000 on its opening day and that is taking into considering that they were exaggerating. The experts thought that the iPad was going ot have high sales despite the  negative critics that the iPad has received but they never thought that the iPad was going to  sell somewhere around 650 thousand models. Apple is and was causing quite a stir with their iPad since only in the 3 weeks that the iPad was on pre-order, Apple received 250,000 orders.

The way things are going and keeping in mind the sales, Apple could and is probably going to sell somewhere between 2 and 4 Million models in one year. What we are seeing now is only the beginning since the 3G model has not been released yet and when it does, anything can happen. As you already know, the current model only has WiFi but the model we are all waiting for has much more.Around May we are going to be able to see two different iPad model in nine countries such as Spain, Germany, UK,Italy, France, Canada, Australia,  Sweden, and Japan.

We constantly hear that when it comes to e-Books, Kindle is still slightly better than the iPad, according to some. But, did you know that the Amazon Kindle sold in one year of sale (2008) 500,000 models, obviously not coming even close to the iPad first day sales.

Believe it or not, it has only been on sale on day and customers have already begun to complain about their recently purchased iPad. At the beginning we were told that the iPad was going to be charged through its PC USB port, but at the end that turns out not to be true. Apple knew that this was going to be a problem and that is why they have released a document that explains what you need to do in order to charge the iPad properly.Apple also said that what could be the problem if the iPad does not charge is that  a low energy port could have been used.

What are we telling manufacturer by buying something we are not sure what to do with, like some have stated. Isn’t it better for manufacturers to gain our trust with products that are worth buying? Is it really a smart move to buy something just because it is from Apple?or buy something because it had features that deserve our purchase?

I would have preferred Apple to wait and when they finally released the iPad, that it would have all the things we all wish it had such as a built in web-cam, ADOBE Flash, Etc.

With all this iPad mania going around, the only thing we can do is get ready to hear more and more about the pros and cons of the iPad.

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