Make Cheap Calls with Your Smartphone Without an Internet Connection – Ringo

Ringo is a Windows Phone, Android and iOS app that allows users to make cheap International and Local calls.

When it comes to apps that offer cheap local and International calls, we have quite a few to choose from but there is one that could steal the show. It´s named Ringo and what makes this calling app different from all the others is that it doesn´t require an Internet connection in order to the user to make cheap International calls.

Cheap International Calls

With Ringo, you won´t have to worry about a bad connection due to a weak Internet signal and Ringo would even be offering an 80% discount on calls to cell phones in the US, only charging US$0.003 per minute, a great discount since the regular price would be US$0.017. Much better than Skype since they charge US$0.023 per minute for calls to the US.

Ringo is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone in 16 countries such as Belgium, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, UK, Switzerland, and the US.

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