Cheap Technological Gifts to Give for Christmas for Less Than $100

Cheap Technological Gifts to Give on Christmas, spending less than $100.

Even thought many may continue to think that the idea of giving electronics as a gift is a synonym of expensive, I think that the following list of cheap technological gifts to give on Christmas, will Finally make them change their minds. They will finally see that there is a large variety of cheap electronic products that can turn into a GREAT gift to give this holiday season. All of them are very cheap and can be purchased by just about anyone, since you will see that none of them go over $100 or $122.


Cheap Technological Gifts to Give for Christmas for Less Than $100



Since the idea of giving an electronic gift is for the persons receiving to be happy with their gift, the following ideas of technological gifts are very different from each other.


#1 New Kindle with Touch Screen (79)


gifts to give this Christmas - Kindle


The fist device of this list of ideas of gifts, I wanted to mention the new Kindle Touch with its 6 inch display (15,2cm). This model comes with a touchscreen so navigating is now a whole lot easier and it also comes with a processor that is 20% faster and its memory has also been doubled.

You can get the new Kindle for Christmas for 79 and you can bet that it will be a gift that will be received with a smile.


#2 Samsung Gear Fit – SmartWatch (95)


Gifts to Give on Christmas - Samsung Gear Fit SmartWatch


Another cheap technological product that the receiver will surely love is the Samsung Gear Fit Smartwatch. An attractive wrist watch that features a Super AMOLED display where you can see recommendations as you exercise.

The Samsung Gear Fit also shows you your social notifications, mail, messages, received calls and favorite app here and there. You can get the Gear Fit on Amazon for 95 and turn it into a cheap and great gift. You won´t have to worry about gift wrapping this baby since Samsung does it for you.


#3 Sports DV Action Waterproof Camera (52)


In the era where everyone has a GoPro ( that generally go for 300€) camera glued to them, the idea of giving this action camera with 12MP, 1080p, water proof up to 30 meters with multiple accessories, can be the best you ever thought of.

This camera is not exclusively  for athletes, since it can also be used when you are out for a walk or placed on the dashboard on your car. Just like all the other products, this one can also be purchased on Amazon for 52 and that includes free shipping.


#4 Sony Xperia Tipo – Free Smartphone  (69)


If you thought that in the list of technological gifts for less then 100, it was impossible to include a free smartphone, well here you go. The Sony Xperia Tipo features a 3.2 inch display with a 320 x 480 resolution, 2.9 GB, 3.2MP camera, 800MHz processor, 512 of RAM and Android 4.0.4.

This is definitely a cheap technological gift for someones first smartphone and remember that this smartphone is available for 70 at Amazon. So if you want to be be able to say you gave someone a smartphone, this could be a possible candidate.


#5 Sony MP3 NWZW273S with in Ear Headphones (69)


Technological Christmas Gifts - Sony MP3 Player


At the end I wanted to include this attractive Sony NWZW273S MP3 with in ear headphones that features a 20 hour battery, 4GB of storage and a USB connection. This practical MP3 player has been designed to withstand all types of environments, so you will be able to use it while running in the rain, while swimming or any other water activity.

this Sony Mp3 player can be used under 2 meters of water, making it a good affordable technological gift to give this Christmas. If you are interested you can get it for 69 at Amazon. I sincerely hope that this brief list of cheap technological has helped you choose your Christmas gifts.

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