Chrome and Android Will Merge

Google has plans to combine Android and Chrome.

I have been using Chrome for many years now and I had no plans of using another browser, but it looks like I will have to get used to a change that not only will affect me, but all Chrome and Android users. Google is working on merging Chrome with Android and we could see a preview of this software as soon as 2016. Google hasn´t mentioned an exact month as to when we will be able to see this preview, but hopefully they will say something soon.

The done deal could arrive by 2017, but only if things go as planned. Hopefully the project won´t suffer any drawbacks. Google has been playing around with this idea for a while now and just recently we saw how some Android apps are able to run on Chrome.

Looks like Google wants to follow in Microsoft´s and Windows 10 foot steps by having and OS that will run on devices as small as smartphone and something as big as a TV with built-in computers. With this whole merging project, you can bet that there a lot of worried Chrome users (myself included) that are wondering just how much this change is going to affect them. One thing is for sure, Chromebook users are going to be really happy with this merge since it is going to solve some really annoying issue.

For starters, there are quite a few common desktop apps that won´t run on Chromebooks and then there is the issue of the Chromebooks having trouble with multi-tasking when there is no Internet connection. So, How do you feel about this merge?

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