Five technology trends that will 2018

It seems difficult to predict an entire year of technological advancements and trends in a sector that is revolutionized on an almost daily basis, but taking a look at the items that have been marked 2017 we can also get an idea of what that will not forsake us, in the universe of the Internet and social networks the next year.

Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and the chain of blocks, which will take off in 2018

1- The boom of the video platforms. The starting gun came with Netflix entering our homes, after it was HBO and the year to come, both Apple and Disney are planning to release their own video platforms to the letter. Know if Netflix will get to withstand the onslaught is the big question.

On the other hand, the video is the great protagonist of 2017 and will remain so in 2018 on the social networks: you don’t need to know that the bet of Facebook for Watch, your video platform and content, has yet to take off in several countries, including Spain.

2- The revolution of Artificial Intelligence. Not only because more and more companies are adding to that are the algorithms that take care of filtering the customer, but because, at least in the united States, have a Alexa or Siri at home is already something usual. In Spain we are not yet accustomed to ask the air how is the traffic to go to work, but 2018 may be the year that virtual assistants are popularicen also in our country.

3- The Blockchain take more than a conversation. During 2017, many have had to resort to Google to find out what it was that the technology of chains of blocks, or Blockchain, and why some decry as the new era of the Internet.

Of the specialized media to the generalists, through social networks, the transformation that the Blockchain brings with it offers a full range of new ways to monetize content and create the most individualized possible. In addition, it is the system that seems to be able to eliminate the problem of piracy of universe 2.0.

4- augmented reality will play a key role in the launches technology next year. But not only that; the advertising campaigns can go in this direction to build a universe beyond the ad, motivating the user to use their mobile to find prizes or exclusive discounts. The ads immersive, will be popular throughout 2018. Google and Facebook, large banners of the function.

5-Inclusion positive. Finally, it seems that the tendency to build technologies inclusive is to be beneficial both for companies and for their users. Instagram gives support to those who suffer from depression, Facebook crawls the potential users of suicide, Google has also drawn attention to the depression and offers support, as examples. The recognition of sexual diversity, the acceptance of the mental illness and the breakdown of prejudices and favours an image of progress that we will continue to see in 2018.

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