Cisco FlipShare TV – Steams Video from PC to TV

The Cisco FlipShare TV gives you the opportunity to stream videos from your PC  to your TV. Get more specs and prices here.

Sometimes watching something on your computer is not as great as when you watch it on your TV, so if you have been looking for something that can stream your videos from your computer to your TV you now have one more option. The Cisco FlipShare TV does just that and it includes a USB key to attach to a computer and a small receiver box to receive video signals to a TV. The USB dongle is suppose to provide a maximum range of up to 200 feet.

The Cisco FlipShare TV also features HDMI and RCA connectors that can be connected to the box and a standard TV or an HDTV. The Cisco FlipShare TV is equipped with a remote controller allowing you to control playback while away from the computer.

The Cisco FlipShare Tv can be all yous for $149.99 and fortunately the FlipShare TV works with both Mac and Windows systems, yay. The Cisco is available at a variety of stores so you can compare prices if you want.

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