Clean Up Your Gmail InBox with World Wide Vac

Organize your Gmail Inbox and get rid of digital dust with World Wide Vac.

We have so little free time that when we actually do have it, the last thing we want to be doing is organizing our Inbox. Since there is basically an app for everything, there is also an app for organizing our Inbox. The web app is called World Wide Vac and its job is to identify the junk in our inBoxes.


World Wide Vac Gmail


The downside to the app is that it only works with Gmail, but it can identify Social notifications, spam, unwanted Emails, and promotions. This free web app features an algorithm that decides what emails in your Inbox is just not useful anymore and that way you can show other how to have an organized Gmail Inbox.


World Wide Vac claims not to save any of your personal information after cleaning your inbox, but when it is done, it determines how much junk was actually in your Inbox. All of this has to do with a promotional campaign for a new Vaccum from Electrolux, but the app does its job.

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