CleanMyMac 2 – Keep Your Mac Fast, Clean and Organized

Thanks to CleanMyMac 2, you Mac will will free of files that slow it down and it will be very organized.

Lets admit it, with the help of technology we have gotten lazier, some more than others and the last thing we want to do is clean. But, if you want your Mac to run as fast as possible then cleaning it is a must and CleanMyMac 2 can help you with that.


CleanMyMac 2 - Keep Your Mac Fast, Clean and Organized


With this cleaning software for Mac you can remove 11 types of junk that are slowing down your Mac. You can remove things such as User Cache Files, System Cahe Files, System Log Files, Broken Preferences, iOS Software Updates, iOS Photo Cache, Universal Binaries, Development Junk and Language Files.

You can create more space in your Mac by deleting all those files you no longer use and just take up valuable space. Thanks to CleanMyMac 2 you can also scan with precision and use the numerous sorting option so you can find certain files with certain criteria.

You can also enjoy the iPhoto Cleanup feature that allows you to find what you can´t see. What this features does is that it finds all the hidden original pics you have modifies through time and gets rid of them so your Mac has more space. You can also automatically choose which invisible originals you want the Mac cleaning software to eliminate.


CleanMyMac 2 - Keep Your Mac Fast, Clean and Organized1


With this maintenance app for Mac you can also locate your apps, delete old apps, uninstall incompatible apps and say good bye to apps leftovers when you drag them to the trash. With this Mac software you can also manage all the extensions and uninstall or disable the extensions you know you don´t need anymore.

Thanks tot he Eraser feature, when you erase a file, it becomes irretrievable once you select ¨Secure Erase¨. That way you can rest assure that he files you erase can´t re read by anyone else.  Trash Cleanup is also a useful feature since it cleans out all the trash every part of your Mac produces so you Mac is in tip top shape.

You may have ever intention of cleaning your Mac but with so many things to do, you just keep on forgetting. Not to worry since thanks to the Schedule, CleanMyMac 2 has, it does it for you. You just have to program it and forget about it! There are many more features this Mac maintenance software has to offer, what are you waiting for in order to try then out?

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