Cloud Storage Platform Box Presents New Feature

Today is a great day for Box since they have presented a new feature called Box Note to make our lives a little easier.

Box has unveiled a new feature called Box Notes that is going to allow its customers to create content within its service. This new feature is something you might find in Google Docs, Quip and Evernote and it is going to help users write down their ideas and thoughts within the platforms framework. The downside to all of this is that we are going to have to wait quite a while since it is not going to be released until 2014 but Box is opening it up to a few users with a limited private beta.

Box wants to bring it all together and instead of having various services used, Box wants you to collaborate, create and store your files within its platform. The interface is easy to use unlike some things in Microsoft Word. Box has also said that the feature it has revealed should change at any moment since it is not going to launch until 2014 and they can either change feature or even add some more. But, for now they have also said that users are going to be able to modify the font size, format and adjust alignment and insert bullet points and ordered lists.

Other features that we are going to find in Box Notes is real time collaborative editing with other team members. Thanks to Note Heads you are going to know when another team member is commenting, working on a particular document or in-line annotating. Note Head users can also share their documents with others or friends and they can do si through a web link and can have some security thanks to Box´s security measures. One thing that users are not going to be able to do is export Box Note files, if it is created in Box, that is where it is going to stay. User can´t open .doc files within Box Notes and you can´t open a .boxnotes extension file in any other products.

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