Coca Cola FreeStyle, Your Softdink Will Never be The Same Again

Coca Cola Introduces the new version of your typical soft-drink machines, The new Coca Cola FreeStyle promises to keep customers happy.

The image above is the way we get our re-fills, and our drinks at your local 7-11. Now with Coca Cola FreeStyle, you will have more soft-drink options that it will make your head spin. You will now have more than 100 different brands. The Coca Cola FreeStyle Uses its own proprietary Pure Pour technology.

The way Coca-Cola came up with the idea for the machine was by using small, highly-concentrated containers of ingredients. Then those ingredients are then mixed with water and sweetener to create your favorite soft drink. The old model of soft drink fountains can brag that at least in the number of beverages that can be served before the containers run out is also comparable to the old system.


If you are in the area you can test out these machine where coca cola has set up the machines, The machine’s are currently in two Atlanta-area restaurants, as well as 10 Jack-In-the Box restaurants in Southern California, including one in Vista, the only test site in San Diego County. More restaurants in time will also be able to enjoy this technology. There are plans to expand the testing sites to include Subway, Pei Wei, and Noodles locations in Southern California by the end of the summer.


Unfortunately there are a lot of flavors you can’t get anywhere else, flavors such as orange and raspberry flavors aren’t available in retail. With these new soft-drink machine we will be able to enjoy drinks such as strawberry, grape or peach Sprite (which is very tasty), seven kinds of Fanta, seven kinds of Powerade, six flavors of Vault energy drink, and just as many flavors of Dasani water, or its carbonated counterpart Dasani Sensations. If you’d like to try the machine yourself, the Jack-In-the-Box is located at 260 Melose Ave. in Vista.


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