ComicWebcam – Web App to Add Effects to our Webcam Pictures

Have fun adding fun effects to your pics taken with your web cam with ComicWebcam.

If you usually use your webcam to take pictures, then this is a web ap that just might interest you. It is called ComicWebcam and it is completely free to use and you don´t even have to register to use it if you don´t want to. All you have to do is authorize the app to have access toy our webcam and you are good to go to take as many pictures as you want. After that you can either save the pictures to your PC or you can either share you creations directly onto Facebook.

You have over 60 effects to choose from but hopefully they will add more soon. Not bad for a app that is free and doesn´t require you to register. So if you think that your webcam pics are boring and see a little spicing up, ComicWebcam is not a bad app to try since there is nothing to loose, it being and all. Let us know what you think of the app  in the comment section.

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