How to read WhatsApp message deleted by another person

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One of the updates most outstanding of the year is that of WhatsApp by allowing us to retract it without that other users can realize.

Or at least, not too much, because when you delete a message already sent on the platform, the other contacts are only left with a mysterious message: “the message has been deleted”.

Only the Android systems can take advantage of a failure to see the deleted messages

Of course, there are many users that almost since the release of the update have tried to find a loophole with which to get in to see what it is that has been deleted so quickly, as WhatsApp only allows users to delete messages already sent in the first seven minutes from being sent.

In the end he knows how: thanks to a failure of the Android system, some “lucky” can decipher what has been written in the individual chat or group, and that has been deleted after. IOS users, for the moment, no way to trick the function.

The messages are saved in the registry of notices from the system, so that there is only that access to that record to be able to read the message. And how do you reach him? Download app Notification History is a good way to do it.

But the trick brings some limitations. For a start, it can only be done by Android users with a system 6 or 7; in addition, once installed the application is there to get to the section on “WhatsApp.text”, where are stored the conversations. And, to be candid, get to the message in particular seems somewhat cumbersome, but it may be worth, each user will decide.

Can only read the first 100 characters of the message deleted, and logged those with whom the user has interacted, that is to say, there is a message notification that has appeared in the mobile or we have opened the chat. Even so, if we can be of curiosity… and now you know how to sate it.

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