How to know if your computer is affected by Meltdown and the Spectre

The two very serious security holes that have been found in processors manufactured by Intel, AMD and ARM , and which have been baptized with the name “Meltdown” and “Spectre”, affecting the majority of computers, tablets and mobile phones that have been sold in the world in the last 10 years.

As we told you earlier, the problem is that left uncovered -and within the reach of any attacker who knows how to take advantage of the vulnerability to gain access to the computer either physically or remotely – all of the information that these computers store: passwords, banking information, sensitive information…

The Windows and Linux users can check if their computer is affected by Meltdown

The main problem is that for Meltdown there is a partial workaround for the moment, as some manufacturers and browsers have released patches to mitigate its effects, and it is expected that next week will be able to control the vulnerability of all to jump the security updates for major operating systems.

However, for “Spectre” there is no known workaround and will wait until that is designing new processors and they come on to the market to have equipment 100% safe. That is to say, it may take months, but years, until you renew the whole park of PC, Mac and mobile in the world.

If you have a Windows computer that works with Linux, is there a way to know if it is committed by Meltdown. Intel has released a tool that allows you to perform the verification. Through this website you can download a zip file on your computer that includes the tool DiscoveryTool.GUI. When you run it, you’ll know if your computer is exposed to vulnerability.

Anyway, make the check or not, the safest thing is to ensure that you have installed on your computer the latest updates to your operating system, as companies like Microsoft have already released patches partial to mitigate its effects, waiting to be able to have the complete update of Windows and MacOS, which will arrive the 9th of January.

Even so, protect against Spectre will not be possible, so I especially recommend a lot of caution at the time of installing in the computer programs or unknown files that might give access to hackers to take advantage of the vulnerability.

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