How to view your summary of the year on Spotify

You’re probably watching today, how many of your friends are sharing an infographic with fun facts about what they have been listening to this year on Spotify: the music you have heard, more times, your favorite artists…

If you also want to access your data, you should know that it is a tool that all the years put at the disposal of the users Spotify, free of charge.

Spotify allows every user to have free access to their abstract musical of the year 2017

To reach it you just have to enter in the direct link that appears when you open Spotify in the area of “Genres and Moods” (abstract 2017).

However, not all users appears to them in a place easily recognizable. If you think that, do not hesitate to access the following web address and log on with your user name and password for Spotify.

There you will see your summary of 2017 on Spotify. In the section “Your top songs 2017” you will see a playlist with the tracks you’ve listened to throughout the year that is about to end. It has 100 songs like most and you can share it with your friends if you want.

But this is not all, it provides the total number of minutes that you have listened to music throughout the year on Spotify, which is the song most listened to and what is the preferred genre… you can Even guess who has been the artist most listened to through a small game of questions.

With these data we set up a small infographic that you can share with friends on your social networks. Surely today you have seen it in the timeline of many users. Do you want yours? Access your summary of the year on Spotify here.

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