Concept: Countdown Stop Light

Damjan Stanković Stop Light concept is only that for the time being, just a concept, but hopefully it will become reality soon.

Lets admit it when we stop at a red light for some reason we just can’t stop staring at the red light. We could stare at it in a calm manner, just to have something to look at, or in an ” IM LATE!” way. Lets  not even think about those endless red lights that even wait for a pedestrian that is like 200 feet away. If the Damjan Stanković Stop Light concept ever sees the light of day it will certainly calm more than a few nerves.

Some say that thanks to this concept one will be able to turn off their car and not emit so many gases into the air but if you do that that will not be good news for you. For all of us who drive know that if you turn off your car and then 3 minutes later turn in back on wastes more gas and that means you are going to have to drive into your nearest gas station soon than you think. As you can see in the image above the Countdown Stop Light does just that, counts down how long is left before you can finally get going. Since it is only a concept there is no info as to when this stop light might come out and then one has to see if it is finally going to be seen in our cities intersections.

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