CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER – Excellent and Free Shooting Game for Android and iOS

CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER is a sniper game with more than  250 missions and campaigns to play.

Very few games for Smartphones, tablets or other devices achieve the goal of actually entertaining us the way that Contact Killer: Sniper does, an excellent game for iPhone and Android devices. In this we are able to ” become” a contracted killer that accepts order to infiltrate himself  in various locations all over the world in order to eliminate some serious targets.

When it comes to downloading iPhone and Android games of snipers, we have a lot of choices, but Contract Killer is without a doubt one of the best ones out there. This Android and iPhone game covers all the details we would expect a good game to cover. It almost make us actually believe we are that sniper, since it offer us the option of advanced armory and the option of improving and personalizing them as well. We can access armory such as assault riffles, missile launchers, knives, explosives, Etc.




The game also gives you the opportunity to double your resources since you can invade others players bases and take all that they have been able to get from other players and what they have been able to get on their own. Thanks to this option you can double or even triple your resources with the smallest amount of effort. The only person that is not going to like you doing this is obviously the person, whom you are taking the resources from, but that is the way the game works.




The game can be downloaded from Google Play for Android devices with Android 3.0 and above, but if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod with iOS 6.0, you know that iTunes will always be there for your gaming needs. You can bet that this is a great sniper game to play on tablets, all thanks to its good graphics.

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