Control your air conditioning from your phone with Novo


Imagine coming home and is at the perfect temperature. Has been slow in coming, but here we now have the cold and we face a winter that is expected to dry and with extreme temperatures. If you could control the heat pump of your air conditioner from your mobile phone and from any place, you might prepare your home to be heated and at the perfect temperature for when you get home.

Maybe you think that this is possible only in houses equipped with the latest technology in home automation, but today we’re going to talk about a system that allows any person to control the air conditioning from your mobile, via an app that you can use wherever you are, that yes, it must be an air-conditioning unit that use remote control (infrared).

That is to say, you’re going to be able to do this without having to change your air conditioning equipment, you’ll be able to do this with those that you already have at home provided these are not only air conditioners have a remote control and work with an infrared (that is to say, as most on the market).

Say goodbye to wait to get home to turn on the air and that the housing starts to get warm while you are freezing cold… we’re Going to talk to you about the Novo, a product that allows you to control the air conditioning with your mobile –both for cold as for heat – the smart way and from any place. Does not need any complicated installation in order to use it, and you really will change your life.

How does de Novo?

The first thing that you must do is download the app of Novo Go to your mobile, which is available both for iOS as for Android. Novo, in addition, it consists of two small devices that easily connect. On the one hand, you have to use a “SuperHub”, a device that is responsible for connecting your air conditioning system to the Internet connection of your home, using wifi, making it an intelligent device. You only need to plug it to the outlet.

In addition, you’ll have to use a “Climair” to connect the air-conditioning unit wifi, infrared, with the app. To do this simply scan the bidi code that includes with the camera of your mobile, as you indicate when you enter the app for the first time from your phone.

The SuperHub can manage so many Climair as air conditioning equipment in your house, so you’ll be able to easily control the air conditioning equipment of all rooms of your home from your mobile phone. These are the only “connections” that you will need, you can forget about complicated installations.

Use Novo is as simple as plugging in the devices, connect the Climair and open the app of Novo Go at any time. With it you’ll be able to easily program the air conditioning of your home to turn on or off when you want, you are or not inside the home. And your home this winter will always be at the best temperature. It’s as simple as that!

Here we leave you a video explanation of how to configure the devices to turn your air conditioning on intelligent and able to control it from anywhere using your mobile with Novo:

Benefits of using the controller of the air-conditioning Novo

Novo is a system controller air conditioning wifi very convenient to use, in addition, it will help you save on your electricity bill. With Novo you will consume less energy to control the temperature of your home as the time that the air conditioning is connected.

Novo can be purchased from 99 euros. In addition, as an introductory offer, you can now get a 10 euro discount when purchasing your starterkit to convert your computer in an air-conditioning wifi and control the temperature of your home at any time and from any place. So just include the discount code TrecebitsWinterIsComing when you purchase your computer.

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