Copenhagen Wheel – Bicycle 2.0

Copenhagen Wheel a.k.a Bicycle 2.0  was presented at the Copenhagen conference. This green bicycle is also iPhone friendly.

If you care about the environment then you obviously care the news that is being given about Copenhagen Conference. There are many green gadgets out there that help our only home to be as good as it can be but now we have another great invention with  a few names.

Specifications for the Copenhagen Wheel ( Bicycle 2.0 )

You can call it the Copenhagen Wheel,  or the Bicycle 2.0 and it is capable of giving its users information that any cyclist would want such s traffic info, boosts power, keep track of friends, fitness, and smog.

This Smart Bicycle 2.0 also features something that looks like an over sized center, but the Wheel’s bright red hub is a veritable Swiss army knife’s worth of electronic gadgets and novel functions. If the place we have to go has steep hills we are more likely to grab the car keys than our bike and that what MIT wants to change. The Bicycle 2.0 is also able to store energy time the rider puts on the brakes, and then give that power back to provide a boost when riding uphill or to add a burst of speed in traffic.

The Copenhagen Wheel has nothing to envy at the Formula One Cars since it uses a technology similar to the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), which is used in the worldwide competition. How is the energy stored? Well, when you brake, your kinetic energy is recovered by an electric motor and then it is stored by batteries within the wheel. Then you are going to have some extra juice for those steep hills. The Bicycle 2.0 comes fully equipped with everything you are going to need and you can forget about sensors or additional electronics that could be added to the frame and an existing bike can be retrofitted with the blink of an eye.

Not everyone likes the same things, so if you are not into MIT technology and are more of consumer electronics or cell phones, there is something for you too. The Bicycle 2.0 also features a series of sensors and a Bluetooth connection to your iPhone, that can be easily placed on the handlebars. Then the wheel will monitor the bicycle’s speed, direction and the distance you have traveled. he Copenhagen Wheel is also able to collect data on air pollution and even the proximity of the rider’s friends,nice!.

Move over frequent flier miles because he come the green miles. That is something like the points you collect for flying but this time it is for using your Bicycle 2.0 and even though no info has been given on the program, we’re pretty sure you get cool prizes for using your bike instead of your car. Since the Copenhagen Wheel is a very nice bike, you might not be so calm as to leave it outside while you are in a store for example. Not to worry because if someone tries to steal it the Bicycle 2.0 features it goes into a mode where the brake regenerates the maximum amount of power, and sends you a text message. So when you see the thief instead of yelling” @[email protected]##$$” you will say thanks since the bike will be nice and charged.

Price and Availability for the Bicycle 2.0, Copenhagen Wheel

I know what your thinking that for such  a great bike that there is a good chance that you won’t be able to afford it.

Think again because even though a certain price has not been given it will be at a competitive price in the electronic bike section. Production for the Copenhagen Wheel a.k.a Bicycle 2.0, will start next year and we will finally be able to get our hands on one.

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