Cortana Now Speaks Klingon

Star Trek fans can officially say good bye to Android and iOS since Cortana can now speak Klingon.

Deep down inside we are all StarTrek fans and some of us don´t have to dip that deep, myself included. Android and iOS are great OS´ and Windows Phone knows it as well. That is why Windows Phone had to pull the Ace it had up its sleeve and that Ace was Cortana being able to support Klingon.


Cortana Now Speaks Klingon


You will also be able to play with quite a few Star Trek themed answers, so you can now set your phasers to stun and beam yourself up. You may be thinking what motivated Microsoft to add such a language and the answer is that they are sponsoring the Star Trek conference that will be taking place in London.

The only downside to this story is that this new feature is only available for fans in the UK and it was also set up to synchronize with the launch of the Lumia 830 smartphone in Britain.

Before you decide that life is not worth living anymore, you should know that the feature will be coming to US users in the next few weeks.

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