Could Invisible Flah Replace Traditional Flash?


New Flash systems is in the works as 2  investigators from the University of N.Y work on Invisible Flash  or Dark flash.

I think most of us like to have our picture taken, some of us admit it and some of us don’t but the bottom line is the same, We Like Pictures! The only downside is that we are temporarily blinded by the flash, but if this new system that 2 investigators from The University of N.Y are working on works, that is going to be old news. So try to think of a new excuse when you see that girl/guy you have been avoiding and pretend not to see her/him and use the excuse that you recently had you picture taken and didn’t see her/him, but relax there are million of excuses.

Well, the way this system works is that it utilizes light waves outside the visible spectrum to illuminate your subject. Infrared and ultraviolet light is pulsed, with visible light frequencies filtered out, and a special camera sensor captures the invisible-to-the-naked-eye frequencies to create a finished image. The final image is not what was expected but practice makes perfect. The pictures are described as having the character of night-vision shots.

The 2 N.Y investigators grab color information from a flash-free picture which is snapped after the UV-illuminated shot is taken. Detail from the first shot and color data from the second are then combined in software, with what is called a “remarkably natural end result.”  Believe it or not but freckles is somewhat of a challenge for the new system, and there are some things still to be fixed in the system since Not all objects reflect UV or IR light, so the camera can’t pick them up properly.

Via Yahootech

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