Create a Free and Original Christmas Greeting with ElfYourself

Send a Funny and different X-Mas greeting with ElfYourself.

We are only 3 days away from Christmas and if there is someone that you want to send a free and original Christmas greeting to, how about using ElfYourself. As the name suggests, you are turned into a dancing elf that entertains and greets that special someone. Take advantage of this easy to use web app to send someone a free X-Mas greeting that will make that persona laugh and feel loved at the same time.


Free Christmas greeting


Once you arrive at, the first thing you are going to need to do is click on the terms and condition box. Once you have done that, three options will appear. You can create your free Christmas greeting using your web cam, Facebook account or your desktop.

Lets say you choose your desktop. The first thing you will need to do is choose your favorite picture, since it is the face of that favorite picture that will go one of the elves. If there are any other friends that want in on the X-Mas greeting, you can add their face too since you have room for 4 more.

Once all your elves have their faces, you can go ahead and add a greeting that will be shown at the end of the video. Once you hit the Lets Dance video a video will be shown with the faces you added, but if you are not happy with the style of the video, you can always change it from choosing the different options on the right side of the app.


Free and original Christmas greeting


You can choose from options such as Breakin´, Office Party, Jingle Pop, Feliz Navidad, House Party, Classic, Elfspañol, EDM, Charleston, Soul, Honky Tonk, 80´s and Hip Hop.

ElfYourself also gives you the option of sharing your creation with the green share button on the bottom of the video. You can share you Christmas greeting via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Mail and you can even copy the link of your video and paste it wherever you want.

lfYouself also has an app and you can download the app for iOS and Android for free.

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