How To Create The Perfect Mothers Day E-Card

Create and send for FREE the perfect Mothers Day digital card and video for this 2014.

It is that time of year again, where one official day in the year is set aside to honor mothers from all over.Even if our moms don´t take care of us like they use to when we lived with her,  it is still a must to send her an E-Card for Mothers Day. Send a free eCard to mom with Fotor but with this web app, you can also create a collage for mom on her big day and a for FREE! You can upload your pictures from places such as Picasa, Flick, your computer, Etc. In, besides creating the perfect Mothers Day eCard you can also create Mothers Day collages and it even works as a photo editor.

Free Mothers Day eCards

Another app that will help you create the perfect Mothers Day gift is ScrapPad (

Free Mothers Day eCards

With this app you can create a scrapbook of the greatest moments you spent with your mom and even order to have it printed out, if you want. It features a really easy to use interface, great backgrounds, great borders, custom text editor and you can also create an unlimited number of Mothers Day scrapbooks. Those scrapbooks can even have an unlimited number of pages and once you are done creating you can go ahead and share your creation on Facebook.

Buncee Bits can also help you create and send an original Mothers Day eCard but you can also use to to send other special occasion eCards such as Happy Birthday and Thank You´s. Buncee Bits (  also allows you to share your creations on your favorite social networks and also gives you hundreds of high resolution backgrounds and multiple font styles.

Buncee Bits Mothers Day

Finally we have Jibjab (  where we can create hilarious personalized videos where mom is the center of attention. If you want to ad a little bit of humor to this 2014 Mothers Day, I recommend you use Jijab.

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