Datally is an app from Google that helps you to save mobile data

Google is eyeing the next billion users of the internet, launching products that meet the needs of developing markets. The most recent is the Datally, a free application that helps you to save the franchise of mobile internet on Android and suggests nearby Wi-Fi networks.

The Datally was in testing in recent months in the Philippines and was released on Thursday (30) in Brazil. Here, it has integration with mobile operators Vivo and TIM to show the balance data directly in the application, but is compatible with any tv.

Once installed, the Datally allows you to control the internet access of every application on the smartphone. You can restrict the consumption of mobile data in the background, for example, avoiding that some service spend silently in your package. In addition, it is possible to block access to mobile data of a specific application — the Android already has a native feature for this, but it is hidden in the settings.

Another function of the Datally is the finder of Wi-Fi, which finds networks that you do not use your pack of mobile data. The list displays the access points closest to and allows you to assess the quality of the networks in which you have connected. In my tests, the feature was somewhat useful: he limited himself to find some networks protected by a password, without showing the password.

There is nothing very new in Datally, but it makes the management of the internet more simple, especially in countries where a packet of data is expensive: Google tells The Verge that some users in India, Nigeria, and Argentina tend to put the phone in airplane mode to save data, enabling the mobile network for the short moments when they want to check on notifications (!).

The Datally is already available in the Play Store and works on smartphones with Android 5.0 Lollipop and higher.

Datally is an app from Google that helps you to save mobile data

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