De Bethune iPhone Leather Case – Luxury Crocodile Leather iPhone Case

Luxury Leather iPhone case for the rich, the De Bethune iPhone Leather Case.

Usually when you buy a case for your iPhone is to protect you iPhone but from the looks of it that is not what this case is going to do. This fancy leather case is more of a case you would get to make your iPhone look even more expensive since the case also features a DB 1024 pocket watch on the back of the case. If you want to completely protect your iPhone from scratches, you  will probably need to buy a sleeve to also protect the pocket watch on the back.

The pocket watch on the back, when fully wounded, can last up to 6 days and then wound it up again. The price for the leather iPhone case is unknown, I guess they don’t want to scare you with the price and at least want you to visit their site that just happens to be If you get the case, lets us know if you had to buy another case or sleeve to protect this one.


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