Dell to Announce Sandy Bridge second-generation Core Notebooks

Dell to present new powerful notebook and even add a little something nice to existing notebooks.

Dell wanted to give us something to talk about and they sure have since they are planning on announcing next week a new and powerful notebook and that in the six weeks following the announcement they will become available to the public. These new notebooks will have Intel’s corrected Sandy Bridge second-generation Core series processors.

If you recall, in January there were problems with the Intel Series 6 chipsets, forcing a recall that no company wants to live, but all is well now. The corrected parts are now getting to manufacturers and Dell wants to be the first to deliver them with their notebooks.

“We are committed to expanding upon the broad array of Intel 6-equipped products we are currently offering,” said Dell’s VP of consumer and small/medium business products Sam Burd, in a statement. “In addition to being the first company to reintroduce the Sandy Bridge technology, we offered the broadest array of options for our customers who were initially affected during the original stop-ship.”

The new notebook are not going to be only lucky machines to get Sandy Bridge, Dell also plans on adding Sandy to their Latitude and OptiPlex desktops. It would have been great if Dell would have least given us some info on the new notebooks..anything!….at least the display size and resolution..please Dell!

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