Derby The Dog can Run Thanks to 3D Printed Prosthetic Limbs

3D printing helps this adorable Husky to run by printing him his prosthetic front limbs.

Derby is an adorable Husky that was abandoned by his first owner because of his disability. As you can see from the images, Derby needs help in his front legs in order to walk and thanks to 3D printing, he is able to walk and run like any other dog.


Derby Prosthetic legs 3d


By using 3D Ssystem´s ProJet 5500X multi-material printing technology, Derby is able to to enjoy a good run with his new owners. In the video you will see that the first prosthetic limbs are short for Derby´s height, but they were made that way on purpose.



Derby first needs to get use to walking and running with the first model and as he improved his balance, he will be getting ¨longer legs¨ until his height is the way it should be.

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