Devilman Crybaby – The demons have invaded Netflix!

Devilman Crybaby is the new bet of Netflix for audience who likes anime, and although the storyline is rushed, still manages to hold the viewer.

Akira is a young boy from the collegiate common, appearance brittle, very sensitive and cries easily (this is why the crybaby in the title); so back to seeing his old friend Ryo, a young man of blonde hair, platinum plated, is drawn to a web of conspiracy involving demons. Ryo explains that demons exist amongst humans and they can merge with people, but no one knows it, being its goal to reveal this secret to the world. It is explained that, if a person does not lose control when you merge with a demon, is able to gain his powers and continue the human. However, if the person is dominated by the devil, will become violent, causing deaths with brutal murders. In an event triggered by the player to reveal one of the demons, He ends up merging with one of these creatures evil.

The naive youth of before ends up having a drastic change of physical and personality, getting muscular, and with a visual badass, also gaining an increase of speed, strength and agility to amazing. In addition, can also transform into Devilman, with the appearance of a middle-ground between human and demon. The plot initially shows Akira fighting different creatures, however, as we are advancing the episodes, we realized that we’re involved in something much bigger, and that will end up in epic proportions. I did not come to accompany the old anime or reading the manga original that gave rise to these adaptations, but I know that the production has taken several liberties in telling the story. Another detail is that the old anime and the current one doesn’t have relation to each other, keeping only one reference or another.

A story hurried

It is interesting how work in the history of the christian mythology in our contemporary epoch, involving a media manipulative, differing opinions on social networks and how difficult and complex are the human relationships; but there is not space to go more deeply on the topics, much less to the pursuit of a subjective thinking about what is being shown. And the main guilt is that they have rushed the whole story in just 10 episodes, which in my view could have the double, and the story told with more details.

In a few moments Devilman Crybaby is very reminiscent in various aspects of Aeon Flux, the animation is amazing created by Peter Chung for MTV in the 90’s. The animation style plays all the time with perspectives and distorted proportions, symbols, situations bizarre and strange, and its end is as absurd as. However, while Aeon Flux was seeking a greater boldness in the narrative, Devilman Crybaby ends up approaching a lot more of the structure of a shonen conventional of an anime seinen (geared for adults), even showing scenes of nudity, sex or gore.

Some other highlights of the anime are the soundtrack, basically composed by electronic music, and pass efficiency the climate of the series. People who like this type of music will be the days with the track in the head. The character design, even a little cartoony, it works, and brings identity to the work. I have so enjoyed the visual of humans and demons (which are really monsters with crazy ways, and deformed). Finally, it is an anime with a good pace, even with the problems I was curious about how things would turn out in the end. It is perfect to do the marathon in just one afternoon.

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