Dictionary.com – App That Will Help You Improve Your Vocabulary

Tired of not understanding the words your friends use? Improve your vocabulary with Dictionary.com.

You can feel pretty uncomfortable when your friends use a word you are not familiar with. In some cases you can figure out what the word means by the way that it is used in the sentence but not always. So the next time you  and your friends meet, why not use a word they might not know and enjoy that sweet revenge. An app that can help you with that is Dictionary.com since it features 125,000 questions in order to teach you 12,000 words.


You can also enjoy a built in dictionary and if you answer correctly various questions, you can see a context based definition if you swipe to the right. The stand alone dictionary features 165,000 words that feature 100 million usage examples. In the search box you can go ahead and enter the word you want to know the meaning of and then just add it to the words you want to learn.


The app also gets to know you since as your use the app it gets to know which words you have a tendency of answering correctly and which ones you miss. It also monitors how long it takes you to answer the questions and if you have a tendency of answering all the questions it throws at you, it will eventually start giving more difficult questions to answer. That way, you use an app that actually helps you learn.

You can also choose topic specific vocabulary lists and there are more than 350,000 vocabulary lists to choose from. You can either use Dictionary.com on the web or on your iOS device.

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