DigiFi Opera M7 Waterproof MP3 Player

DigiFi Opera M7 Waterproof MP3 Player, is one of many waterproof MP3 players out on the market that are  not afraid of water. Get specs and prices here for the DigiFi Opera M7 Waterproof MP3 Player.

For some people having a normal MP3 player is just not an option, Why? Hey, there might be kids around and you never know when they might think that it might be fun to put daddy’s MP3 in the toilet.  If that is your case then it looks like you are going to need a waterproof MP3 player and DigiFi’s Opera M7 Waterproof MP3 Player might just be the one you are looking for. It features 12 hours of playback time, the Quick Super Charge function which allows you to fully charge the gadget’s battery for several hours, and it also supports MP3, WMA, APE, WAV audio playback and features several audio presents (normal, rock, pop, classical, bass, and jazz).

The DigiFi Opera M7 Waterproof MP3 Player comes in different capacities to please those with different music need and you can get them in 2GB and 4GB capacities. The DigiFi Opera M7 only features one button and in order to make your MP3 player work looks like one is going to have to learn some commands. Short press for play or pause, length according to the switch machine and double play if you want the normal or random command.

Good thing the earphones has buttons to control the volume and you will find that button on the right earphone but if you want to fast forward or rewind then you will have to long press on the left earphone. If you wan to jump to the next song then you only have to double click on the left earphone’s button.

opera_m7If the 2GB one is the MP3 for you then it is only going to set you back $42.00 but if that is not storage space then the 4GB MP3 player will set you back $51.00. Unfortunately there are not a lot of color options since the DigiFi Opera M7 is only available in Black or white.

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