Digital Cameras That Record in 1080p Full HD 2014

Want the best quality when it comes to recording? How about these brand name digital cameras that record in Full HD 1080p.

Even though smartphones have a great camera on them, not everyone can afford them. That is why many may turn to digital cameras for their picture taking needs since yo don´t have to pay anything monthly in order to use them. Since there is a good chance that what we record may not happen again, users want the best resolution in their digital cameras. So, here are a few of many digital cameras that record in FULL HD 1080p and hopefully you will find the one that you are looking for.

The first digital camera with FULL HD recording is the Sony WX350 that comes in either black or white. With this camera you will get features such a 20x optical zoom in this compact body and a full optical + digital zoom ratio of 40x.. The Sony WX350 weighs 4.8oz (137g),  measures 96 x 54.9 x 25.7, 3 Inch ClearPhoto LCD display with 460k dots of resolution, 18MP sensor, an impressive 10fps, and it also feature Motion Shot and with this feature the camera makes a video sequence with superimposed shots of whatever or whomever is moving  for a progressively frame by frame effect. NO batteries need for this Full HD digital camera since it has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery for a 470 shot per charge life. The Sony WX350 is available now and it has a US$320 price tag.

If you are looking for something a little cheaper than the SonyWX 350, you can always go for the Canon ELPH 30 HS (now available) that has  US$200 price tag. Compared to last years model,the Canon ELPH 340 HS features a longer optical zoom range of 12x (last years version only had 10x). It also features 16MP sensor, better low light performance, Wifi enabled, and NFC. The downside to this camera is that it has very noisy images, slow continuous shooting rate and narrow aperture when zoomed. Don´t forget that the image quality drops off in low light.

Another camera that might interest you is the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 that features steady shot image stabilization, NFC, WiFi, rear control dial and customizable front control ring, 10fps continuous shotting, 3 Inch LCD display, 20MP sensor, can save up to 3 groups of custom settings, built-in stereo microphones and 330-shot battery life. This Full HD digital camera is a little on the pricey side but the specs are great, it has a US$750 price tag.

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