Digital Gift Cards for Windows Stores and XBox Launched

Buy digital gift cards for Christmas through the Windows Phone Store for that special someone.

Its that time of year again and the stress that comes with it. Everyone wants to get the perfect gift, but that is almost something impossible to accomplish. So, Why not just get that special someone a digital gift card through the Windows Phone Store?


digital gift card microsoft


This is not a physical gift card, but it can be personalized with a note used on apps, music, games and TV shows on both Windows Store and XBox. The app allows you to choose a gift based on the interest and occasion, you can include a personal note and you can easily choose family and friends from your contact list.


Microsoft digital gift card


The app doesn´t have shipping deadlines, so you can easily make your purchase and select the date you want it delivered. Thanks to the History feature you will be able to manage and track your gift and that way make sure they get their gift. The app is completely free of charge and can be downloaded at the Windows Phone Store Site.

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