DigitalSole – First Interactive, Connected and Heated Insole

Digitsole is a very high tech insole for athletes and cold feet sufferer´s since it warms your feet and count how much you walked.

Winter is coming and with hat comes cold feet but thanks to Digitsole (Kickstarter Project), we can leave those cold feet behind. You will no longer suffer from cold feet on your way to work, while riding your bike or even if you are just sitting at home.

Digitasole is a show insole that connects to your smartphone through an app and allows you to warm your feet, shows you how many calories you have burned and how far you have walked.


DigitalSole Interactive, Connected  Heated Insole


The Digitsole app will be available on both Android and iOS and will also use Bluetooth 4.0. Once you have everything set up you can use the app to adjust the temperature on each on your insole by sliding the temp bar up or down. With the built in thermostat, the temperature of the insole will be automatically adjusted  if it drops below the preset setting.

If you want to know how many calories you have burned while wearing Digitsole, you will have first need to enter you height and weight. You will get precise readings thanks to the sensor system Digitsole has built into it.

Thanks to the Flex Zome Section you will get natural movement of your feet and the insole also helps you with your posture and  your balance thanks to the Arch Support Section. Digitsole can reach a max temperature of 104F but you have the option of either reading the temp in Celsius or Fahrenheit,

If you want to use Digitasole for fitness reasons then you can connect all of your shoes with just one Digitsole but I don´t think you are going to be happy with just once if you also want to warm your feet. Each Digitsole has price tag of US$150.

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