Direct Mode from Eye-Fi – Transfer Your Pics From your Camera to Your Smartphone

New application is going to make it possible for your digital camera to communicate with your tablet or smartphone.

Today if you want to transfer your pics to your smartphone or tablet, there is one step that is absolutely necessary, the desktop. It is a step that many would like to avoid but can’t but with Direct Mode from Eye-Fi, it will be possible to skip that time absorbing step. By using the Direct Mode Software you will be able to use your existing Eye-Fi X2 series of SD cards. The Direct Mode software will be available later in 2011, and specific phone platforms have yet to be announced.

With the application you are also also able to upload your picture to your facebook account for example. Another great feature about the Eye-Fi cards is that it makes space for more pictures when content has bee safely transfered and what happen to the girl in the video, doesn’t happen to you.

The card is also compatible with a large variety of digital cameras like Canon and Sony, just to mention a few. Hopefully we will hear more at CES 20110.

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