Discover the New Name for Windows 9

For now it is called Windows 9 but is that the name that Microsoft has chosen for the next Windows?

If you are a Windows user, then you are just as anxious as the rest of us. We all wish we could see what Microsoft has so far on Windows 9 but we have no choice but to wait for the company´s big event. Many couldn´t care less about the official name Windows 9 is going to have but remember it is the name you will be saying everything time you refer to it.


Filtración de Windows 9 Enseña Como Hacer que el Menú de Inicio se Parezca al de Windows 7


The Windos Technical Preview mentions ¨Windows 9¨but under the heading of Windows TH. Some say that it stands for the internal codename, Threshold but for now there is no way of knowing. Before you  head on over to the site, you should know that the links it has to the info on the features and the download buttons, are not working.


Discover the New Name for Windows 9


There is also an Insider Preview program that features updated previews of builds so users can offer their feedback but the links are not working either. What do you think TH stands for?

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