Discover the New Way to Add Friends to Snapchat

Snapchat launches a new way for you to easily add fiends to your list.

With the new update that Snapchat launched, users got the new feature called Discover where you get to see the latest news. But, there is a new feature that didn´t get the attention it should of and that is the new Snap to Add feature, that makes adding friends a lot easier.


snapchat snap to add


This Snap to Add feature comes with Snapchat ghost logo with what appears to be random holes, but it is actually a QR code you can use to share with people so they can easily add you to their list. If you want to access your Ghost code you can do so from the Snapchat camera and then you just have to tap the ghost logo at the top of the screen. If you want, you can go here to see what Snapchat has set up.


Snap to Add Snapchat


Remember, you just have to point your camera at your friends Ghostcode on another screen and you will be added. You can also use it to share your account to other social media sites, so your friends can find you without having to look for your username.

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