Where to check if you have won the Lottery of the Child


Today 6 of January is a day of waking up with the illusion of see what gifts have been left by the Magi along with the shoes of each one. If we have behaved well during 2017, will have been good and we will have brought all kinds of gifts, but if we have brought coal that means that we need to improve in 2018.

In the Lottery of the Child, the first award dealt to 200,000 euros for each tenth award-winning

We have the whole year ahead, but also today a second opportunity to receive a good gift, in this case in the form of money, if we played the Lottery of the Child, the traditional draw every January 6, celebrates Lotteries and Bets of the State.

As in the case of the Christmas Lottery, this lottery distributes many awards, not only the first prize, but there are numerous endings graceful. If you want to know if your tenths have been awarded, there are a series of web pages where you can check quickly and online.

In the page official web of Lotteries and Bets of the State you can see all of the Sweepstakes information of The Child in real-time. Are published all the numbers are graceful, and also has a search engine where you can enter the number or numbers that you play to know if you touched something.

In addition to the official website, you can also check if you have won the Lottery of the Child in other websites, such as, for example, the RTVE or of The World, ABC, The Country’s… the major media devote significant space today in its headers online of the draw and collect the prizes that have been distributed, performed, reports from the administrations that have been dealt the fate, etc. In addition, often incorporate a search engine for awards, so it’s easy to find out if our number has been awarded, as it is enough to enter it into the search engine to know how much he has touched.

There are other pages where information is also offered as LaLoteriadeNavidad.com or as the website of one of the administrations most popular in Spain, la Bruixa d’or, which is situated in the town of Sort (which means Luck in Catalan), in Lleida.

You can also check the winning numbers in the Lottery of the Child through the mobile applications official of the aforementioned means of communication, of the ONLAE (National Agency for the Betting and Lotteries in the State), or in apps with ScanLotería or TuLotero, which also includes proven winners.

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